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Tickets & Concerts

We are pleased to announce our concert programme for the 2023-24 season. As we combine performances with Ilkley Choral Society, some concerts are held in or nearer to the respective towns of Otley or Ilkley.


St John Passion

Saturday 9th March 2024

Experience the sublime beauty and profound emotion of J. S. Bach's St John Passion in our upcoming choral performance. Composed in the early 18th century, this masterpiece is a powerful and contemplative representation of the Passion of Christ according to the Gospel of John. Bach's intricate choral and orchestral writing weaves a tapestry of rich harmonies, poignant melodies, and dramatic contrasts, drawing listeners into the heart of the Christian narrative.

The St John Passion is a work of unparalleled depth and complexity, showcasing Bach's genius in combining sacred text with musical expression. The choir, soloists, and orchestra collaborate to bring the biblical narrative to life, capturing the intensity of Christ's final hours through a breathtaking fusion of vocal prowess and instrumental virtuosity. Immerse yourself in the captivating interplay of voices and instruments as we breathe life into this iconic masterpiece, allowing its timeless message to resonate with audiences anew.

Tickets are available to purchase at Brown's Art Gallery, Otley, at Grove Bookshop, Ilkley, via email to or from a choir member.

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Mozart's Mass in C minor​
22nd June 2024

St Margaret's Church, Queen's Rd, Ilkley

LS29 9QL

Discover the transcendent beauty of Mozart's Mass in C Minor, a pinnacle of choral excellence. Composed in the final years of Mozart's life, this masterwork combines grandeur with spiritual depth, showcasing the genius of the classical era. The Mass unfolds with a perfect balance of intricate choral passages, lush orchestration, and exquisite solo moments, creating a sublime tapestry of sound. Mozart's Mass in C Minor invites listeners into a realm of divine inspiration, where the power of the human voice converges with orchestral brilliance. Join us for a stirring performance that illuminates the enduring majesty of Mozart's musical legacy.

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